Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Terrific Tuesday

Wild Bunny Blue Eyed Goat

Donkeys Eavesdropping On My Land Lord

Brown and White Miniature Horse
Brown Baby Goat

About a year ago, I was walking outside with my family when Mom said "Look!" We all wondered what it was and found that it was a wild baby rabbit, about the size of my thumb. We tried to catch it, and in its panic it jumped into my shoelace. It got caught there and we had to carefully pull it out. We didn't see the mama rabbit anywhere. We did see fur on the ground and Thomas, the cat, near by, so we put it in a box with grass and hay inside. Then we stopped by the house of a Mennonite family down the road who raised Rabbits. We asked them to take care of it for us and they kept him in a cage with a mother rabbit for three days until it ran away. Sadly we didn't have time to take any pictures of the rabbit, but my family and I will probably never forget it.


  1. Your pictures a very interesting. One time our cat brought home a tiny rabbit like the one you found. Our family spent two days taking turns feeding it canned cat milk with an eye dropper. My girls really loved that little bunny!

  2. Great story! I really like the kid holding the kid at the bottom.

  3. Hello,

    I'm Rachel. I am an amateur photographer, and I love looking at other folks' pictures. I happened upon your blog by chance and have been enjoying it since. I LOVE this photo of the baby goat. I'm drawn in, I can almost feel myself holding this baby in the warm sun. Great shot!!

    Peace, Rachel.

  4. Loved the rabbit picture especially.
    There were many wild rabbits near where we lived in England when I was growing up.
    The dogs used to chase them very often but very rarely caught one.
    Happy weekend.